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Cupstack, The Original Sportcup!

Our Story
by Wayne Godinet, Inventor of the Cupstack Sport

Cupstack began in 1983 at the Boy's and Girl's Club in Oceanside, California by Wayne Godinet. Cupstack Inc.'s goals have always been;

  • To increase self-esteem and competitiveness for those who may not excel in typical sports like baseball, football & basketball due to physical limitations or lack of interest. Any child has the potential to excel in the Cupstack sport.

  • Developing eye-hand coordination was another goal of Cupstack Inc, an essential developmental need in children as they grow.

  • Providing an activity that will occupy after-school time thus preventing exposure to drug use, gang activities and other undesirable or illegal activities. Problems like these not only face the kids in Oceanside CA, but in all urban cities around the country.

Working in partnership with Youth Opportunities Network (YON), Cupstack Inc. is focused on helping youths in America. It's fast become a popular sport within schools and community organizations around the country. From a leisurely game played at home, an after-school activity, to national competitions, Cupstack has proven to be beneficial to both children and young adults in many ways. Watching an experienced Cupstacker often times amazes someone unfamiliar with the sport due to the speed, skilled eye-hand coordination and command of the sport. These kinds of skills can be ascertained by almost any child or young adult.

Together YON and Cupstack Inc. can provide assistance with fundraising events to benefit underprivileged kids and families, provide gang prevention and intervention, or raise funds to provide after-school activities in an urban environment. Working with schools, local community organizations and faith-based organizations, Cupstack provides special pricing for fundraising events. For more information send an email with your name, organization name, address and phone number to info@youthopportunitiesnetwork.org Please include the purpose of your fundraising event in your email. Cupstack Inc. also guarantees unbeatable pricing, no matter how small an order is, so all kids are afforded the opportunity to participate in Cupstacking.